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Our Story 

Our story begins with Catherine and her unwavering love and dedication to understanding, caring and providing for horses and their healing. Her journey with horses began at a young age, a partnership she atributes to the saving of her life many times over. Fast forward through to more than 20 years of experience on her award studded belt, Catherine trains both horses and their riders in various programs around the country, all while building a successful and sustainable boarding and rescue program. Somewhere between barns and horses and beliefs, she met Talena who showed up to take lessons at a barn Catherine was managing some ten years ago. Talena was hoping to find a way to escape her reality from time to time and knew somehow that riding would connect her right back to herself every time. Catherine welcomed Talena (and her requirement to escape quietly) without pause.  In those ten years these women learned a great deal about each other and their dreams, supporting each step on separate paths towards encouraging connection through the development of everlasting partnerships. Catherine with the horses and her own farm and Talena with her Children’s Theater and educating youth through art.  As the two women followed each other’s successes (and failures) over the years, they continued to nurture a mutual core belief that all creatures deserve to be supported, empowered and restored.  It was in this knowledge that they found themselves at the helm of what they knew could be a powerful bond to provide a community for restorative healing.  And two dreams were forever entailed. Taking Catherine's understanding and love for horses and their ability to heal and Talena’s life long goal of having a sacred space to build community and provide opportunities for gathering and growth, the  two set out on a path to create something meaningful together. Restorative Equine Partnership is a community that enables opportunities for gathering, growth, healing and empowerment for those struggling with loss, Children in foster care, play therapy services, PTSD services and much much more. 


Our Approach 

  • We believe that no creature is disposable. 


  • We encourage understanding that leads to connection by providing opportunities to create bonds as a path to strength and trust. 


  • We are dedicated to those who need access to recovery and healing, horses and people alike. 


  • We know that together, horses and people have the ability to establish stable, strong, and healthy bonds that carry over into all other areas of life. 


Restoration begins with belonging

Knowing you have a safe and welcoming place to belong is the first step towards safety and healing.  You will always belong here. We believe, once you are here, you are part of our healing journey. Let us support and hold space for you as you reconnect with yourself. 


Our Commitment to Community

The bond between horses and people is unbreakable once formed. Our commitment to nurturing those bonds and fostering community is  deeply rooted in each partnership we've helped establish. Our goal is to offer a healing space for children and teens in need of restoration and acceptance. 

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